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Free Online-course: How Ecommerce should set Google Ads targets

Learn how to set targets and track them in Google Ads and Google Shopping
Online & course-kit in Google Sheet/Google Data studio

Free online course

HubSpot Video


Learn what many CMO and Ecommerce manager miss in their current Google Ads and Google shopping strategy

This online course will give you a simple tool and dashboard that you can use to set the correct targets for your Google Ads and Google Shopping strategy.  Either if you are using an external agency or manage Google Ads yourself. Setting the right targets is key for your success.

Jonas Hagströmer Theodorsson from Keywordio will share how to set targets based on your ecommerce economics. In this online-course you will learn how to use a simple tool in Google sheet to calculate the optimal target for your business.

Oscar Sjöstrand is an expert on Google Ads and Google Shopping. Learn from him how to follow up and track your progress in Google Ads or Google Shopping.


Tools used and shared in the online course

- Google Sheet, Ecommerce economics - transfer your business Goals into your Google Ads strategy with benchmark data.

- Data studio, Dashboard for you to instant access and following your progress towards your targets.

- Video guided tour so you can step by step follow how to analyse the performance in Google Ads and Google Shopping.

Who should attend?

  • Digital Marketing Specialists with the responsibility of SEO/SEM for E-commerce companies
  • E-commerce managers
  • CMO/CEO for E-commerce companies


What you’ll learn in this course

  • How to align business targets to Google Ads strategy
  • Track progress and manage your sales from Google Ads
  • Learn how to use the free tool in Google sheet, Ecommerce economics
  • Learn how to use Google data studio


Questions that we will answer

- Do I have a great ROAS ? ( return on ads spend)

- Why should I not evaluate ROAS in some cases?

- When should I consider LTV ? ( Life Time value)

- Should I use CoS ( Cost of Sales) or ROAS ?

- Why can a high ROAS be bad for my business?

- Can I check what my agency is doing?


Oscar Sjöstrand
Google Ads and Google Shopping expert , Keywordio
Jonas Theodorsson
Business developer global Ecommerce, Keywordio

Course chapters

How you go from Ecommerce economics to Google Ads and Google shopping targets
Jonas Hagströmer Theodorsson
Step by step guide how to use the tool and dashboard shared in the course
Tools shared with you after the course, Google sheet Ecommerce economics and Google Data Studio dashboard
How to evaluate and track progress in Google Ads and Google Shopping
Oscar Sjöstrand

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