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Google Analytics 4 and Privacy

Google Analytics 4 and Privacy

Google Ads and Privacy 

This year will be different. The Holiday season is always important but this year you need to make sure Google Analytics 4 is implemented well before with a privacy-first approach.

The use of first-party data is key in solving the privacy challenge for every marketer. Using the framework Collect, Measure, and Activate in combination with the latest development in Google Analytics 4 is a must for every marketer. 

  • Privacy Assessment and the latest update on GDPR and Schrems II for Marketers
  • Google Tag Manager, Server Side tagging, Global site tag
  • Google Analytics 4 and the framework Collect, Measure and Activate
  • Black Week, This years trends

What will I learn?

  • Latest on Privacy for Marketers
  • Google Tag Manager, How to measure Revenue and Profit
  • Google Analytics 4, Key aspects for Ecommerce
  • How to optimize for 2023 Behavior


Who is this course for?

  • Digital Marketing Specialists, who handle SEO / SEM for
    E-commerce companies.
  • Digital Directors / Product Owners.
  • E-Commerce Manager.
  • Marketing managers / CEO of E-commerce companies.


Johan LN
Oscar LN (2)


Chapter 1
Intro, Why Privacy is more important than ever
Chapter 2
This year's trends and consumer behavior
Jonas Hagströmer Theodrsson
Chapter 3
Google Analytics 4 and Privacy
Johan Lidner
Chapter 4
How to assess your readiness. Privacy , Google Analytics 4
Oscar Sjöstrand & Emil

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