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Keywordio - AI custom-built for ecommerce - Digital Marketing Expertise!
Keywordio - AI custom-built for ecommerce - Digital Marketing Expertise!

Business Intelligence

Your customers buying patterns are unique. Finding out what products and categories resonate with your most valuable customers is key to developing your business. Keywordio's insights and expert team will deliver data-driven decisions that will grow your business.

Who is your most valuable customer?

Who dictates +20 % of total revenue

Keywordio will tell you who your most valuable customers are, and how they behave. Based on these insights we create data-driven actions to showcase the right products from your portfolio. Our research shows that in Scandinavia, females age 25-34 drives +20% of total revenue. Want to know that number for your business and how do you optimize for it today?


What customer have the highest lifetime value

LTV greater than 15X first-order value

Do you know what products bring in new customers, what products make your customer come back, and how to leverage that in your marketing? Working with hundreds of ecommerce companies we have found that there is sufficient data to leverage this in their marketing, but it has to be done right!

Brand Categories and Products

Find key drivers in your assortment

With a complex assortment that is constantly evolving it's hard to find the products that drive the most important consumer behavior. Keywordio finds solutions to these patterns and acts on them.


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