Why we created Keywordio

And how it can affect your bottom line greatly

We are engineers and old Google employees who have worked with both advertisers as well as agencies. One common thing with almost everyone we have worked with is that a lot of time is put into manual management. And one thing we don’t like is doing stuff manually when it can be done automatically.

Starting with search advertising is usually fairly straight forward. Using it to its full potential is on the other hand very difficult and requires a lot of investments in time and money. As an online retailer it’s probably not your core business either. It is ours however and we love it. We found a way to combine our technical background and love for automation with search advertising to help online retailers.

The basic idea is simple. We want to put ourselves in the shoes of our users and find a great way to remove all the manual labour that is put in to search advertising by advertisers and agencies all over the world. By doing so we can put our efforts in finding smart algorithms and rules of how to build campaigns, bid optimally and to get all the inventory of an online retailer online as search ads. And doings this automatically. Every day.