How we do it

And how we increase sales with 100% in average

You might have thousands of products in your online store with different prices and profit margins. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to show each unique product with its unique price for someone searching for that exact product? This is what we do.

By using the whole inventory from your online store we create unique ads for each and every product. The ad will be very specific advertising that product with the current price. And as we know prices vary over time we will make sure the prices in the ads do to automatically. On top of this we also create ads for all of your categories and brands and we always link the ads to the specific product pages to increase the user experience and maximize the possibility of getting a sale.

Getting everything up and running is just one piece of the puzzle. The second part is being able to bid correctly for each keyword individually to maximize your profit. This is something we cover as well by using automated statistical probability models which look at your historical data to make accurate decsions on what a keyword is worth bidding on.

The third and final part is you as a user to get a simple and clear report as often as you need to be able to understand the performance. We have created a custom report that displays the results that matter for you as an online retailer with a big focus on the return on ad spend.