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Keywordio Operating Hours

Zero Risk

At Keywordio we don’t believe in long term contracts or fixed fees. We believe in putting ourselves in our clients shoes and this means we only charge our clients based on the revenue we drive by our efforts. If we don’t improve we don’t charge anything for our service. This is our risk free guarantee.

Keywordio Operating Hours

Campaign Management

Ad campaigns are created based on your product data which means you show your whole inventory for people searching for it. All campaigns are up to date with your stock, every day. In addition, search behavior changes over time and we make sure your keywords and ads do to.

Keywordio Operating Hours

Campaign Optimization

Continuous optimization is the key to your success. We use statistics to optimize keyword bid levels depending on your profit margins. On top of it we also take care of budget allocation as well as keyword optimization. Automatically, 24 times each day.

Keywordio Operating Hours


Custom reports are created automatically as often as you need to keep you informed on how we are doing. Our reports focus on what matters most – making sure your store is getting as much return as possible on your ad spend.

Keywordio Operating Hours

Human Touch

We are strong believers of automation but we know the human touch matters. This is why our support team makes sure you get all your questions answered within 12 hours. Whether it be by email, phone, video call or in person.

Keywordio Operating Hours

Beyond Search

Our main business is search but we also help clients within more fields of online. Whether it be Display, Social, Conversion Optimization or Web Analytics we can support you. If we can’t, we’ll make sure to direct you to someone who can, as sharing is caring.