We are Keywordio

The automated search advertising service

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The Difference

Keywordio is not an ad agency using technology. We are a technology company developing ways to take search advertising to the next level. Online marketing has evolved to become a dynamic software game and we believe that the use of statistics and smart algorithms are the ways to not only follow the changes but lead the game.

Keywordio Operating Hours

The Team

We are a global collective with the main base in Stockholm, Sweden. A mix of computer nerds and business fanatics with two main things in common. We are all engineers and we all want to create fantastic results for our clients. As former Google employees we follow the motto: great is not good enough.

Keywordio Operating Hours

Go Global

As we are living in a global world we feel it is important to be able to send a message to everyone. Therefore we are able to provide service in most of the major languages in the world such as English, Hindi, Spanish, German and French as well as the Scandinavian languages to mention a few. Going global is from now on easy.